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What is Cappy Lounge'?

Please download and play Cappy Lounge (screen shot shown below), it contains the caption game below and great fun online games with friends!

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The caption game is part of a hilariously fun online games with friends on different computers collection! The included caption game is a hilarious free game and if you want to play against other players over the internet, you cannot find a better 2 player game (and more) around than this! They are the best online games! Please give it a go! Download and play it now! Download here: Download

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How Many People Can Play the caption game, part of the fun online games with friends?

You connect with up to 8 players in a game room playing together at one time. The person who writes the best captions in that room can have a good chance of winning the game! There are many chat rooms for you to play against 2 players!

How to play 'Cappy Lounge' (the fun online games with friends)

You play games against others in the fun online games collection once downloaded, and the caption game - you write funny captions about images that come up in the game. The person who gets the most votes in this free download wins a round and gets a point! The more points you get the higher you get ranked!

The awesome fun online games with friends set and the main game, is played in real time against other players on different computers online. It is a free to download multiplayer games - it is a small file and will download quick! And you can get started for free imediately! PLEASE - just try it! - and we will see how funny you can be!

What If There Is No One Online To Play the online games - the free fun online games?

It is a good idea to stick around - wait for around 10 to 15 minutes when you have connected, to see if more people connect. We are also working at marketing the fun online games with friends within our budget, so in the next few weeks and months we hope we will have more people will play the free download game - so if there are no players to play against now, keep checking back (daily or every few days) to see if we have managed to get more players on the fun online games. We will contact you if you send us your email address when the game is full of players!!

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