- Members get a unique user name, instead of 'Guest', such as 'Andrew_H'.

- Members get sound effects, which expire after 30 days as a 'Guest' user.

- Members Get their score saved, how many 'Tokens' they have and 'Rank'.

- Members get to ban other users from a room, if they feel they are acting inappropriately.


If you type '/?' in the chat and press enter, it will show you some the features of being a member. Here are the options:

/join RoomName

Join to room 'RoomName'.

/part or /leave

Leaves the current room.

/msg UserName message

Sends a private message to name 'UserName'.

/r message or /reply message

Reply to the last person who private messaged you.

/me message

Replaces '/me' with your username and tells the room your message.

/whois UserName

Retrieve the UserName's info. [coming soon]

/where or /whereis UserName

Tells whether the user is online and in what room.

/ignore UserName

No longer receive private messages from a username

/ignoreoff UserName

Can now receive private messages from a UserName.

/kban UserName

Kick and ban the UserName from the current room, until you leave.

/unban UserName

Unban the user from the room.


Go away from keyboard, let users know.


Return from away, let users know.

/buddy UserName

Adds a user to your buddy list. [coming soon]

/buddyoff UserName

Remove a user from your buddys list. [coming soon]


Clears the chat text.


Exit from Caption Time.