Cappy Lounge

You have found a hilarious massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) right here on this site called: "Cappy Lounge".

It is a fun captions game, and it is a lot of fun! If you have not played a game like Cappy Lounge before, have a go and see what you think! It's addicitive, but you can also drop in and out and have a quick game whenever you like!

Cappy Lounge funny captions game is currently in download form for Windows OS, but the specs required for the game are minimal so most Windows Laptops / PCs bought over the last 15 years should be able to handle the game with no issues. It functions best with Windows 8 to 10.

There will be a Mac OS version of Cappy Lounge coming in the future, but for now play as you like with your current Windows system!

To download and play Cappy Lounge, click here:

To download and play game!

Below you will find more information on how to play Cappy Lounge the funny captions game!:

Cappy lounge game play:

Step 1: An image is displayed in the game, for example:

cappy lounge

You now have 1 minute to think of and write a funny caption to go with this picture! Here are some ideas, but we're sure you can do better:

* Oh my goodness!! I'm driving!! Arrghhh!
* Heeeelp! I can't reach the pedals!!
* Well you trusted me to drive!!

Step 2: Pick a favorite:

Each caption in the game play of Cappy Lounge, is shown in a list with a random order and not showing each player's name. So you can pick at random the caption you think is the best. Then - After all votes are in, the winning caption is shown in full and the player who wrote the caption wins a point!

It might not sound great but give it a go, Cappy Lounge funny captions game is actually very funny. Pit your captions against other players!!

What do I need to do to play Cappy Lounge?

Go to our homepage where you can find instructions on how to download, install and play Cappy Lounge!

Go to play Cappy Lounge!

It is safe to download as we have listed the game on, where each piece of software is thoroughly tested for malware and errors

I still don't know how to play Cappy Lounge?

Check back soon, as we will be uploading a short video tutorial showing the game play of Cappy Lounge!

We will soon also create a message-board where players can recommend features that we might include in the game!

I want to play!

If you're good to go, go to our home page follwing the link below where you can find a green button with a link to download, install and play the game. It is a small file and will install in no time just once! Then you have the game for life on your desktop where you can log in as you like!

To download and play free!: Home Page


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