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This site has one of the funniest 2 player games around! The name is: "Cappy Lounge". Read on to find out more about this funny game!

The aim of the game, is to think of the funniest captions for pictures in real time against other users. You then vote for the best entry, and the player who receives the most votes wins a point! Read further for more information on this fun 2 player games online site!

We have recently launched the 2 player game (and more), and it is currently completely free to get a game play account, and more information about this can be found on our home page!

Below you can find game play information for the game, and more info is coming soon, include a video on how to play the game!

To download and play click here:

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The following is more information on how to play the fun 2 player games online, funny captions game!:

How to play the Cappy lounge game:

First: An random image is displayed in the 2 player games and more, for example:

fun 2 player games online

You now have a set amount of time to think of a funny caption that suits this picture! Some ideas are following, but you can probably do better!:

* I'm about to sneeze!! Oh, false alarm!
* I just feel like screaming for a while!
* Arghhh! It's so cold here!!

Next: See all captions!

Now all the entries in the game are shown to each user in a ramdon order, not showing who made each one! So you click on the caption you like the best, and that counts as a vote towards that user. The caption that gets the most votes wins a point in that game round!

There are lots of extra features in the fun 2 player games online, for example: There is an online real-time chat system, with private messages to other users, a game profile, and sound. It is completely free right now to register for a free account! Or you can play as a 'Guest' without registering!

How can I play this fun 2 player games online?

Simple! Just go to our homepage where you can find instructions on how to play this funny captions game!

Go to play!

It is safe to download as we have listed the game on, where each piece of software is thoroughly tested for malware and errors

I still have questions!

Sure! Please contact out webmaster with the email address below. They will be sure to answer your questions! Also - we are working on a message-board system in the next few weeks, so you can post to request features and your questions!

Also, a video will be included soon showing the game play and the game features!

OK, I want to play this fun 2 player games online!

If you're ready to play, visit our home page follwing the link below where you can find a green button with a link to download, to play the games for free. It is a small file and will install instantly just once! Then you have the game for life on your desktop where you can log in as you like!

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