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You have found a unique hilariously funny games called: 'Cappy'. It is recently launched, and we are growing the amount of players currently playing! See below for gameplay!

There are many sites, that claim to have funny games, but this one is particularly funny. There have been a few attempts at creating these types of games, but many suffer from a lack of users. We are investing a lot over the next few months to make this game popular for all to play!

The funny games is played online against other users, and there are many great features to make this games extra special! Hopefully this funny game will finally get the players it deserves to have, but tell your friends, and register a free username, to support the site!

To have a go, return to our homepage to download and install. We have listed the games on download.com, where every piece of software or games, are checked for errors etc. So you know this games is legitimate! click here:

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Below is an instruction on how to play this fun online games to play with friends on computer:

An image appears:

fun online games to play with friends on computer

You will see a random image appear. Here we have the image above apear im the gameplay, and each player has to think up a funny remark to go with the picture! Here's a few ideas for the above picture:

* What can I say, i'm exhausted!
* Just one of those days!
* I think I ate a bit too much!

What would you write? If you have any ideas you can submit them using the email address below, and we might include them on this page! Or, just play the games!

Step 2: What's your favorite?

Next, all the captions in this fun online games to play with friends on computer, are shown in a list no showing who wrote which! You decide yourself which you think was the funniest, and a click on that entry is worth 1 vote!

Next, each joke is shown in a list with the most votes at the top, going down in order! The person who receives the most votes wins the round! There are ranks for each level of points, from 'Newbie' to 'High Avatar'! A whole scoring system is in place, and we are working on a leaderboard, so check back soon!

How can I download and play this fun online games to play with friends on computer?

Follow the link here to return to our home page where to download and play the game for free:

Go here to play!

Keep checking back to this site, our home page, as we have just launched this funny games and are building a user-base. Tell your friends too! And don't forget to register your free username in support of our games. We hope to make it as inclusive as we can, providing a message-board where people can request ideas and meet!

How do I know it is safe and secure to download the games?

You cannot download the game directly from this site, we use download.com to upload releases, as they check each software for errors etc. so you know you're in good hands!

Currently, the games are only for Microsoft Windows systems, but any system from Windows XP onwards will have the required specs to play it!

We are working on other versions, for Mac OS as well, so check back for updates!

Let's have a go!

Brilliant! Let's go then! If you're ready to play this fun online games to play with friends on computer, then return to our homepage to play now! Be sure to create a user account for free, to support our site, and check back often for updates!

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