Funny Captions Game

There was a game back in the day called 'Get The Picture', that was an online funny captions game. It was a great game but unfortunetly the game is no longer running, but here we have a great alternative!! - Play this great remake of this funny captions game called: "Funny Captions Game Free!".

The funny captions game is played in real time against other players, and there are lots of features that make this game extra special!

To play the game, return to our homepage to download and install. It is a small file and quick to install to get playing for free now! To return to our homepage click here:

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See below for an instruction on how to play the funny captions game for free:

First, an image:

funny captions game

An image apears in the game, and then you need to think of a funny caption to fit the picture. For example here are a few ideas for this picture:

* Well you left a box lying around!
* Did I hear a can open?
* Why did you bother buying a cat bed?? I'm fine in my box!!

Next, choose your favorite:

Now, all the funny captions in the funny captions game will be shown in a random order, not showing you who wrote which caption! So you need to click on the caption you think is the funniest! (note: you cannot vote for your own caption, it will not allow it which makes sense!).

Then, the captions are presented in a list with most votes to the least votes. The caption that gets the most votes wins the round!!

How can I download and play this great funny captions game?

Return here to our home page where you can get instructions on where to download the game for free:

Go to home page to play!

Remember to share with your friends this hilarious game, because as it is a new launch, we are still building a user base, but keep checking back for updates on the status of the game and the users. There is also a leaderboard showing players that have the most points!

Is it safe and secure to download this funny captions game?

We have our game software on, where it is checked for malware prior to being listed on the site. So you can be sure that this game, site, and software are completely error free.

Also, this game is played only on Windows OS, at the present, but we are working on creating a version for Mac OS so check back where we will have details of this mac funny captions game!

I'm ready to play!

If you're ready to play this funny captions game get the picture style game, then please download the game to play now! A video is coming soon, showing you all the details of game-play, and when you create your free account, be sure to link back to us to help keep users on the game!!

Go to here to download and play free!: Home Page


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