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There are many funny games online these days, but this one is the best of the bunch! The game is a funny captions game and the idea is to think of a funny captin to go with a random image, and then compete against others to see whos is the funniest!

The game is played in real time, with real time chat features, so you can talk to people you are playing against!

There are many features when playing the game, a scoring system with leaderboard, actual usernames rather than 'Guest' user names, sound with music, and a player profile with info and pictures!

See below a screenshot and when you're ready to go, download and play now for free!

Screen shot:

funny games screenshot

If you are ready to play these funny games with friends for free, follow the green button on our homepage: Fun Online Games Homepage.

When will these games be available to log in?

We are launching soon! Before the back end of the year we will hopefully be ready to launch! We need to raise the profile of the site so there are more people to compete against, so we would really appreciate a link to our site from your website(s). Just create a text link pointing to: ''.

There are also bonuses to linking to us: We will give you a free full username in the funny games with friends, so you can log in, and play with a proper username instead of a 'Guest' name. There are features such as banning other users from the chat room, saving your points and Tokens, and more!

What if there is no one to play against?

The issue with a game like this is, you cannot play solo - that is to say, you need other users to play against! You can invite your friends, or you can again, as stated - link to us so more people will find the game. Also, we are going to be investing some funds into marketing the game, so when we have launched keep checking back over the coming months, to find more players!

Give me an example of funny games with friends?

Here we have a random image shown:

funny games picture

So we write something that fits with the picture, for example:

One of those lazy days!
I'm not fat! My belly is just full of too many nuts!
I hope it doesn't get windy, or i'm on the floor!!

So we then see all the submissions from other players, and we have to vote for the one we think is the best!

Then, the person who gets the most votes, wins a point, and a new round starts again!

I'm ready to play!

If you're ready to play these funny games with friends, then please download the game to play now! A video is coming soon, showing you how to play the game incase you are still unsure! Keep checking back, but for now - please download and play (find the link on our homepage):

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