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This site has one of the funniest games on the net! It is a hilarious new game concept, a funny picures captioning game!

The aim of the game, is to pit your wits against other users, in a real-time joke writing free game, with many users!/p>

We have recently launched the online games you can play with friends over the internet, and it is now completely free to play! Also, it's possible get a full unique username for free, and to read more information about this free account, check the game's homepage!!

Below there is a brief example of the game play in this hilarious game! Although,if you like we can infact skip this intro, and go straight to our home page to download and play the games for free!

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The following is more information on how to play online games you can play with friends over the internet:

How the game works:

First: An random image is displayed in the games to play with friends over the internet, for example:

online games to play with friends on different computers

You now have a certain amount of time to think of a funny remark that suits this picture! Here are some ideas, the following, but see what comes to mind yourself!:

* About to sneeze!! Almost, almost!
* Sorry! I'm just exhausted from sleeping all day!
* Yawn, what's for dinner?

Next step: See all the entries:

Now (in this online games you can play with friends over the internet), when all the entries are in, the game shows each caption in a random order, so you have no idea who wrote which entry! So you then click on the one you like the best, and then that person gets a vote, and whoever has the most votes, wins the round!

The game has a scoring system, with ranks for each level of points. Such as 'Newbie', 'Mortal', 'High Mortal', 'Avatar' and more! There are private messaging system to write messages while playing to other users, a unique player profile, and a leaderboard is coming soon! Go to our homepage to request a free user account! Or it's possible to just log on as a 'guest' if you don't want to register! (although it is free!!).

How can I play this online games you can play with friends over the internet?

It's simple! Just go to our home where you'll find instructions on how to play this hilarious game!

Click here to play!

The software is completely safe to download, as we have it tested on, and they check for malware, errors etc. so you will be sure it is thoroughly safe to play!!

I'm not sure, I still have questions!

That's fine! Please contact us using the email address below. Someone will get back to you and be able to answer any queries you have! Soon we will have a message-board system in place, so you are able to post feature requests and meet other users!

Soon, we will have a video available, where game play can be seen before downloading!

OK, I want to play this online games you can play with friends over the internet!

Brilliant! visit our main site by following the link below. It is a quick 30 seconds download, and then you will begin meeting others and playing against other users immediately! It will install to your desktop where it's possible log in and play when you like!

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