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What is this games site all about'?

Please download and play the game (screen shot shown below), it is a hilarious new game, a fun multiplayer captions game! See screenshot below!

fun online games with friends screencap

Download and connect now!

Use the direct link here: Get it from CNET! scans each piece of software to make sure they are error free, so you can be confident our software are perfectly as we say!

The caption app is a hilarious new game, to play with friends on different computers! The caption game is hilarious! And if you want to have a go against other players over the internet, you cannot find a more fun game around than this! Please give it a go! Try it now!

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How many people can play the funny captions game?

You connect with up to 8 players in a chat room playing together at one time. The person who writes the best captions in that room can have a good chance of winning the round! There are many chat rooms with users to compete against up to 6 players!

Gameplay section:

You play once downloaded, against others and you write funny captions about images that come up in the app. The person who gets the most votes wins a round and gets a point! The more points you receive, the higher you are ranked!

It is played with friends and the main app, is played in real time against other players on different computers online. It is a free multiplayer game - it is a small file and will download quick! And we will get started for free imediately! PLEASE - just try it! - and we will find out how funny you are!

What if there is no one online to play?

It is a good idea to stick around - wait for around 10 to 15 minutes when you have connected, to check if more people connect. We are also working at marketing within our budget, so in the next few weeks and months we hope we will have more people will be on - so if there are no players to play against now, keep checking back (daily or every few days) to find out if we have managed to attract more players. We will contact you if you send us your email address when we are full of players!!

Let's have a go at the awesome gameplay!

It is ready now! And is ready for you to download and play for free! This fun online game, is ready to download and play now to start! It can have many thousands of users playing all at once!!

Download using the green button above!


Step 1: Write your caption!

fun online games with friends game play 1

A random image appears, and you have to write a funny caption to go with the image. Here we have written "Proceed..." as our entry! Hopefully you can do better!!

Step 2: Vote for your favorite!

fun online games with friends game play 2

Next the captions are shown in a random order, with no information on who wrote which! You need to click on your favorite by selecting one from the list shown!

Step 3: The results are shown!

fun online games with friends game play 3

Here we can get how many votes for each, and we find out who wrote which! It can be seen that "Guest107" received 3 votes with "Welcome to the family". Our effort with "Proceed..." received 1 vote, and the other's didnt recieve a vote between them.

If you do not vote, you can't win the round! You need to vote to be able to win a round!

Step 4: Let's check who won!

fun online games with friends game play 4

Here we view in full the winning entry, and who it is by!

There is a whole scoring system and real-time chat included! Look at the next segment, all about the scoring!

The games scoring system!

As you might have noticed, in the box at the bottom right, there are "User name", "Points", "Tokens", and "Rank".

The User name is the player's handle.

You earn a point from winning a round! And for every 10 points you get a "Token". Here we can understand what ranks these Tokens rank for:

games ranks newbie Newbie

games ranks mortal Mortal

games ranks high mortal High Mortal

games ranks avatar Avatar

games ranks high avatar High Avatar

games ranks hero Hero

These rankings are displayed next to your user name as demonstrated here:

games ranks

You can get an idea from the amount of Tokens each player has here, determines the rank a player will have. The following info shows how many of these a player would need for each rank:

Newbie: 0-19 Tokens

Mortal: 20-49 Tokens

High Mortal: 50-89 Tokens

Avatar: 90-99 Tokens

High Avatar: 100-109 Tokens

Hero: 110-> Tokens

The game is ready right now! Join many online players to compete and have a good laugh playing this game!

Online chat feature:

The program has a online chat feature. You effectively join a "chat" room when you connect -> and then all the players in your room can chat to each other using the section at the bottom of the screen. Here's an example:

games chatroom

As can be seen, each user can chat in this box, send private messages, check your status and more!

What other features does it have?

Firstly, you can actually get a real username -> Instead of having a "Guest#" user name, you can have a unique name, such as "Carl_28". All you have to do is register for free, a unique user name following the instructions below. Also, in the game, your score -> Points, and Tokens, are stored on the system so when you log back in, the score is saved! - And resume your play and try to win more!

You also have a number of options to use inside the app as a full member, and membership is free!

Here we can see some of the options you have as a member:

* You can ignore users.

* You can ban users from your room, if you think they are acting inappropriately.

And there are more features!. In the chat section, type "/?" and press enter to view other features!

What is the "buddies app"?

The buddies app is a small piece of software that checks if your friends are online. For instance, if you have "George_22" in your 'buddies list', when they come online, you will be notified in the buddies app that your friend is online! They could be people in different countries across the world, and with the buddies app, and check when they come online to compete against!

User info

Coming soon is a user info section, where you can upload an image, and write a 'bio' section for other people to view. This is a unique profile section for member usernames, and this will launch soon!


Also coming soon is a leaderboard: Showing the top 50 players who have the most points! It is highly likely that the 'Hero' rank will be there for most of the leaderboard, so you might need to work hard to climb up those ranks and get on the leaderboard!

Funny games pictures, in-game pictures:

A lot of the pictures in the rounds has been uploaded by users, and send us your images if you feel you have a funny picture, send it to us using the email address at the bottom of the page.

Also, to get your entry shown on our home page with the following picture. Please send us your ideas and the best will be featured here on the homepage. Send for the following picture:

funny pictures

Here are some ideas to get you going:

* This nut better be easier on my nuts!

* I don't actually want this nut, I just want to give you the stink eye!

* I might look cute, but i'm going to scratch your eyes out when I get that nut!

Timer rounds

Each round is timed, 30 seconds per round. There are also rooms available with more time if you are slower with typing, so hopefully everyone is caterd for! The timer is found in the top right corner of the game with an orange orb, here's an example:

games timer

Anything else I need to know?

Nope, you're ready! We hope you enjoy playing! Please feel free to send us your comments, improvements, and suggestions! One thing to note: You might be faced with a blue screen saying to allow the software to be installed on a Windows system. This is fine, you can allow the games to be installed!

I'm ready to go!

To get the games software, follow the green button above!

Why a download?

It is a fair question - why not have it run in flash in a browser or as an 'app', so it could be played on an iPad or other tablet. We created it as a piece of Windows software when it was common to run most games on a Windows PC, with capacity to host many thousands of users at once without having to purchase expensive hosting and server costs.

We are now however, looking into creating the game in either an 'app' for a tablet, or browser version for users of Macs and Android. Let us know by getting in touch what you would like to see.

Coming soon as well will be a forum - a message board where it's possible to let us know about features and ideas, swap favorite captions, submit photos and meet new people!

Will it always be free?

It will be free as long as we can afford the running costs. At some point in the future, it might have to be run with donations to keep the site alive. For now however, register a username for free with posting a link on your website, as shown at the end of this page, under the "Get a user name!" section.

What's in development?

We are always looking for other games ideas to create, and we welcome your suggestions! If you have an idea, or have seen something you would like to improve, please email us and let us know the idea! If we like the idea, we could come to an arrangement whereby we can create the idea, and share with you the ownership!

Who are you?

We are a small team of games developers with 15 years experience in creating games for the PC. We also have created lots of useful Windows software and utilities and have a passion for bringing great ideas to life! We run our own games servers and are avid games players too! You might find us online!

Games servers?

We have dedicated servers to run the app, operational 24/7. They are Windows servers, and we have secure and safe storage of information! Your passwords and usernames, points and member info is stored securely on our servers!

games servers

More Info

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